Labeling Art-Deschutes Jubelale 2011

On a walk to my local Albertsons last week, I found myself loving the light rain on my nose and the smell of autumn. This time of year, October through December is hands down my favorite. Finally some normality for a Oregonian. Not to mention the return of winter ales!!!! This time there was no need for pondering the vast array of beers I knew what I was craving, Deschutes Jubelale Ale. I searched and searched, confused why I couldn’t locate it, but then there is was in all its glory and with a new label. I immediately ripped one out of the six-pack and inspected it. Amazing!! The feeling of the holiday season was so simply and accurately placed on the perfect beer.

The art was a collaboration by a husband and wife team from Bend, Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten.  ” Our work emerges from a collaborative verbal dialogue and a painted dialogue of human forms.”

While discussing the label, Cara reveals,” We wanted to create something for the outside of the bottle that was as artful as what is inside. Our goal was to do something that had a sense of action, along with creating a playful image,” Thayer said about the label, “The beer itself was hugely inspirational for the painting, as craft beer is an art that we respect. For us, drinking Jubelale every winter is a memorable highlight of the season.”

Hats off to Deschutes Brewing  for never letting us down. As a consumer I adore supporting a company that not only produces FANTASTIC brews but is successfully supporting local artists who they believe in.

Cheers to helping your fellow-man and cheers to the up and coming cold winter nights, wrapped in a sweater, with my smart wools on and a delicious Jubelale at my side.


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