Link, Link, Link It Up – Need To See!!!!

10-day forecast– Check out the weather over the weekend. It will be perfect to get out and explore. Go to the park, go the Organic Brewers Fest, go to Saturday Market, just get out outside!!!!!

McMenamins- What’s coming up at McMenaims. Full list of events that are held at multiple locations. 

 North America Organic Brewers Festival-This weekend. The weather will be BEAUTIFUL this weekend. I highly recommend getting and drinking organic beer.

BeerAdovcate-For all you non-Portland residents, here is a list of summer beer festivals around the country. Enjoy!!

Not So Professsional Beer Blog– I wasn’t able to go to the 1st Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival, but my fellow Portland Blogger was. Get pictures and descriptions of some beers that were featured. Brewpublic– Hopworks is going to release Piledriver for  BikeToBeerFest Aug. 28. Visit my Summer Beer Festival and Event post for info. on BiketoBeerFest.

The Full Pint– Beer news, reviews and events coverage.

John’s Market – The westside go-to market for anything BEER or WINE. I adore supporting John’s because it’s a tradition for a westside local, such as myself. Why drive to the eastside if you don’t have to?

Hopworks New Location-Hopworks BikeBar at 3947 N. Williams in North Portland is bike friendly and has CHEAP happy-hour.

BrewBus– take an adventure on the brew bus. Bus tours take you around Portland to three or four breweries, where you can have samples of 15-25 different fresh beers.


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