Labeling Art-Deschutes Jubelale 2011

On a walk to my local Albertsons last week, I found myself loving the light rain on my nose and the smell of autumn. This time of year, October through December is hands down my favorite. Finally some normality for a Oregonian. Not to mention the return of winter ales!!!! This time there was no need for pondering the vast array of beers I knew what I was craving, Deschutes Jubelale Ale. I searched and searched, confused why I couldn’t locate it, but then there is was in all its glory and with a new label. I immediately ripped one out of the six-pack and inspected it. Amazing!! The feeling of the holiday season was so simply and accurately placed on the perfect beer.

The art was a collaboration by a husband and wife team from Bend, Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten.  ” Our work emerges from a collaborative verbal dialogue and a painted dialogue of human forms.”

While discussing the label, Cara reveals,” We wanted to create something for the outside of the bottle that was as artful as what is inside. Our goal was to do something that had a sense of action, along with creating a playful image,” Thayer said about the label, “The beer itself was hugely inspirational for the painting, as craft beer is an art that we respect. For us, drinking Jubelale every winter is a memorable highlight of the season.”

Hats off to Deschutes Brewing  for never letting us down. As a consumer I adore supporting a company that not only produces FANTASTIC brews but is successfully supporting local artists who they believe in.

Cheers to helping your fellow-man and cheers to the up and coming cold winter nights, wrapped in a sweater, with my smart wools on and a delicious Jubelale at my side.


Fruit Lambics – In A Glass or In A Recipe

As a regular consumer of fine craft beers I find that on occasion, especially on a bright, warm summer day, I crave a robust, acidic fruit beer. The answer for most people would be a popular style such as Pyramid Apricot, but why not try something a little more refined and fruit forward, like a fruit Lambic.

I prefer to have a bottle of raspberry Lambic at my house at all time. When the day has left me spent and I feel a need to treat myself, a delicate tall glass of the vibrant red beer seems to relax my cares away.

Lambics are a style of beer that are spontaneously fermented. These Belgian wheat beer  are traditionally brewed in open vats in the winter, thus allowing the wild airborne yeasts and bacterias to drift onto the surface of the wort and begin fermentation. In the case of fruit Lambic, the brewers will add fruit during fermentation or add fruit syrup to the finished fermented beer. In both cases, the characteristics are the same; a tart, crisp, lightly carbonated, refreshing ale. Fruit Lambics come in a variety of fruit flavors. Fruits traditionally used were sour cherries (with pits), raspberries or Muscat grapes. You can also find more nontraditional varieties such as peach, banana, Merlot grapes, cassis (black currant,) apricot, apple, cloudberry, blueberry, plum and pineapple.

Recipes ideas:

Try your favorite  flavor fruit Lambic with a wonderful scoop or two of vanilla ice cream as a light summery dessert option. Yummy!!

Why not  turn up the volume!?!  Start with high quality vanilla ice cream, carefully add a raspberry Lambic ( I recommend Lindemans Framboise Raspberry Lambic, easily found at most Albertsons, New Seasons or any specialty beer store, such as John’s Market or The Beer Mongers), finally finish by spooning over fresh raspberries or fresh raspberry puree, and a small amount of rich chocolate sauce.

Use your favorite fruit Lambic in a sorbet recipe. Food & Wine  has a simple recipe that anyone could make, with the help of an ice cream maker, of course.

Inspired by the Brewers Salad at McMenamins, here is an intensely flavorful salad that from my experience, EVERYONE loves.

Begin with slicing red onion thin and marinate in equal parts raspberry Lambic and red wine vinegar. By marinated the onion, the overpowering onion flavor is subdued, leaving  pretty pink mild onion slices. Next, prepare the vinaigrette in a bowl,  add 1/4 cup red wine vinegar with a 1/4 cup raspberry Lambic and finely minced garlic. While whisking slowly drizzle in 3/4-1 cup of good olive oil, finish with salt and pepper to taste. If the dressing is too acidic for your taste, add a pinch of sugar or a dash of agave.  To assemble the salad, begin with lightly dressing salad greens with the vinaigrette. Top the greens with your favorite blue cheese or gorgonzola, toasted hazelnuts and the marinated onions. Great with roasted chicken or a nicely seared steak. Enjoy!!!

Link, Link, Link It Up – Need To See!!!!

10-day forecast– Check out the weather over the weekend. It will be perfect to get out and explore. Go to the park, go the Organic Brewers Fest, go to Saturday Market, just get out outside!!!!!

McMenamins- What’s coming up at McMenaims. Full list of events that are held at multiple locations. 

 North America Organic Brewers Festival-This weekend. The weather will be BEAUTIFUL this weekend. I highly recommend getting and drinking organic beer.

BeerAdovcate-For all you non-Portland residents, here is a list of summer beer festivals around the country. Enjoy!!

Not So Professsional Beer Blog– I wasn’t able to go to the 1st Annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival, but my fellow Portland Blogger was. Get pictures and descriptions of some beers that were featured. Brewpublic– Hopworks is going to release Piledriver for  BikeToBeerFest Aug. 28. Visit my Summer Beer Festival and Event post for info. on BiketoBeerFest.

The Full Pint– Beer news, reviews and events coverage.

John’s Market – The westside go-to market for anything BEER or WINE. I adore supporting John’s because it’s a tradition for a westside local, such as myself. Why drive to the eastside if you don’t have to?

Hopworks New Location-Hopworks BikeBar at 3947 N. Williams in North Portland is bike friendly and has CHEAP happy-hour.

BrewBus– take an adventure on the brew bus. Bus tours take you around Portland to three or four breweries, where you can have samples of 15-25 different fresh beers.

Stone Brewing Company-Guest Blogger Kannon Chrisman

Stone Brewing  is known for its aggressive Arrogant Bastard Ale, although the brewery considers Stone Pale Ale and Stone IPA to be its flagship beers. Most of their beers are characteristic of west-coast craft brews; that is to say, most beers have a traditionally ‘hoppy’ flavor. Stone beers are bottled in 22 ounce bottles, 12 oz six packs, and occasionally 3 liter bottles.

The beers available in six-packs are the Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Stone Levitation Ale, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale, and Stone Ruination IPA. Stone uses 22oz bottles to feature their “bigger character” beers and Stone Special Release. Compared to most brewers, many Stone brews feature alcohol percentages that are well above average. The alcohol-by-volume content of Stone brews ranges from 4.4% to well over 11%.

Written By: Kannon Chrisman

Check out Kannon’s Blog-

Liquor Stores Open Late!!!!!! Barbur Liquor, Pearl Specialty Market and Spirits

Attention booze drinkers. Have you ever wanted to purchase a bottle after 7pm? Haven’t we ALL!!!!!!!!! Now you can.

Barbur Blvd. Liquor Store is open Mon-Thur 12pm-9pm and Fri-Sat 12-10pm. The only disappointment is that they are CASH ONLY…. don’t come without, the ATM has a $2.00 charge.

Pearl Specialty Market and Spirits is open Mon-Sat 10am-10pm,SUN 12pm-7pm. They sell wine, champagne, beer, sake, cigars, and gourmet products.

 Take advantage, but be safe my friends.

Papa Haydn’s Jo Bar and Rotisserie – Iconic Portland Empire

Papa Haydn's Logo

While shopping in Downtown Portland and what has become trendy 3rd, or Northwest 23rd area, my mother, my sister and I would often stop for an afternoon snack at Papa Haydns, 701 NW 23rd Ave. We enjoying tea and beautiful pastries or split a classic sandwich and soup lunch special. A perfect refueling for the next  adventure.

20 years have passed and Portland is overloaded with “hip, slick and cool” restaurants and bars. My peers and I hunt for the best of the best, but unfortunately Papa Haydns wasn’t ever in our radar, until last Thursday. After a magnificent trip with a girl friend to the evening farmers market; at NW 19th and Everett, open 3-7pm Thursdays, June 2nd through September 29th, we wandered around, attempting to find a cute family friendly place to have a beer. As we walked through the sun drenched neighborhoods we discussed our mutual love of beers, and specifically my recent finding of Oakshire Brewery from Eugene.  The conversation took a turn to ideas of restaurants, as soon as we hit the crowds covering the sidewalks of 23rd. After a fair amount of searching, we came across Papa Haydn’s  Jo Bar and Rotisserie.  My girl friend darted through traffic and snagged a table outside. The restaurant’s large doors and windows were open, inviting the enticing smell from the kitchen to migrate on to the street. Every seat was full of content customers, but the service never showed it. Our waiter welcomed us very quickly with fresh, warmed Grand Central bread and smile. To our surprise and delight, Oakshire Cascadian Dark Ale was on tap. In addition to the CDA, I ordered a Roasted Beet salad and a side of sauteed asparagus.

With some time to spare I ran to the restroom with my son. The ceiling to floor drapes and earth tones flowed through dining room with a sense of modern romance. The regal bar stretched along the right side and would be wonderful spot for a happy hour martini or two. (For all you mothers, you will appreciate the home nursery style changing table with full railings.)

Returning to the table I wouldn’t wait to taste Oakshire’s CDA. The sun shined on the glass, being out the red in the appearance, but it was predominantly black. The toasty notes, almost espresso like, were perfectly balanced with the citrus hops. A refreshing beer  with a distinct backbone.  Absolutely made me long for more Oakshire beers. Highly recommend it.

Roasted Beet Salad

The Roasted Beet salad with mizuna and radicchio in a citrus vinaigrette and finished with gorgonzola,chili-candied nuts, orange and grapefruit supremes was GLORIOUS. At first look, it seemed as though there were a bit too many ingredients, but I was most certainly wrong. Every flavor complimented the next. The sweet citrus played nicely off the bitter greens and robust gorgonzola. Watch out for the chili-candied nuts if you can’t take heat, but personally I loved the kick.

The overall experience at Jo Bar and Rotisserie was charming and delicious. As a long-time patron of the Papa Haydn’s empire I continue to be impressed with their dedication to fine food and remarkable service. Now that I have discovered Jo Bar, and rediscovered Papa Haydns I will praise them all over town.

See you next-time, but perhaps without my darling son.

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Summer Beer Festivals and Events

Finally summer is here!!!!

Though it took a moment to decide if it wanted to show its face this year, it was worth the wait. Time to celebrate the sun and craft beer.

Here is a list of Summer Beer Festivals and Events around the Northwest.

Hope to see you there.

  • June 24-26 –  *7th Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival, Overlook Park, Portland, OR. Fun in the sun with everything organic, food and beer.
  • June 25 –  Anniversary Celebration Deschutes Portland Pub, Portland, OR. Come and celebrate their 23rd birthday and the release o Black Butte XXIII.
  • June 25 – Gorge Blues and Brew Festival, Skamania County Fairgrounds, Stevenson, WA. Brews, food and blues.
  • June 25-26 – Battle of the Bones, Central Point, OR. BBQ, micro-brew and wine-tasting event.
  • July 1-3 –  Seattle International Beer Festival, Mural Amphitheater, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA. Beers from around the world and much more.
  • July 9 – Columbia River Brewing Anniversary, Portland, OR. Special Release Imperial Hop Heaven.
  • July 15-17 -* Portland International Beer Festival, Pearl District, North Park Blocks, Portland, OR. Beers from around the world and much more.
  • July 16 – *Hubbard Hop Festival, Rivenes Park, Hubbard, OR. “Never Forget”. Celebrate the hop harvest with food, beer, raffle and a community parade. HubbardHopFest
  • July 27-28 – Brewers Brunch and Parade, Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR. Follows Oregon Brewers Festival opening ceremonies. BrewersBunch
  • July 28-31 – * Oregon Brewers Festival, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, OR. Tons or beer from around the country, food and live music. Family Friendly.
  • August 3 – Brewgrass, Sandy, OR. Meinig Park. 503-475-2347
  • August 6-7 –  Bones and BrewFamily and dog-friendly celebration to support the Oregon ZOO. Over 30 micro-brews will be served.
  • August 12-14  – *The Bite of Oregon, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland,OR. Celebration of the of food, beer and wine produced within Oregon. Family Friendly.
  • September 15-18 –  *Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, Mt. Angel, OR. Celebration of Germany tradition and community. Oregon’s largest folk festival.
  • September 17 –  3rd Annual Biketobeerfest, Portland, OR. Bike builders, 5 local Bands and 15 Hopworks beers.
  • September 24 – Sisters Fresh Hop Festival, Celebration of fresh hops, picked and brewed THAT day. Family Friendly.